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 museum Trebur
museum Trebur.

Romance on the Rhine

Did you know that Trebur was one of the most important places in the medieval empire?
No! But have you heard about the “walk to Canossa”? The Trebur Palatinate was the scene of a meeting of princes
in 1076. Here, at the height of the investiture dispute, the princes demanded that Henry IV compare themselves
with the Pope. Henry bowed to the princely power and made his famous journey to Canossa in order to achieve a
dissolution of the excommunication. No visible remains of the Palatinate remain. Historically, Trebur has been shaped by the past three centuries. As you drive through, you will notice the numerous
half-timbered houses that have been lovingly restored down to the last detail. Park your vehicle on the
chestnut-lined main street and stroll through the side streets. You will soon discover many gems in the Franconian
architectural style. If you are looking for relaxation in an idyllic landscape, it is worth taking a detour to the
surrounding area. The Rhine meadows around Trebur can be easily explored by bike. You can easily reach the
Rhine in a flat landscape through nature and landscape protection areas. And even the Old Rhine and the largest
European reserve, the “Kühkopf”, can be easily reached by bike.