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 city hall
city hall.

Treffurt - half-timbered town in the beautiful Werra Valley

The town is located in the Hainich National Park and takes its name from the 3 fords that led through the Werra in
earlier times. The cityscape is dominated by the medieval half-timbered town hall, the St. Bonifatius Church and
the “Normannstein” castle that towers above everything. Treffurt has a listed town center with many half-timbered
houses. In the streets of the city center you walk on original limestone pavements from the Middle Ages.
In the districts you can visit village churches and parts of old monasteries that are worth seeing.
There is a lot of deciduous forest all around as well as rare flora and fauna.
The nature around Treffurt is particularly beautiful during the cherry blossom season, when thousands of cherry
trees bloom.