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Kirchheim unter Teck


Kirchheim unter Teck is set in the foothills of the Swabian Alb. The town has a population of 40,000 and it is the main centre of the area around the Teck Castle.

The historic town centre offers many attractive sights such as the town walls and bastions, impressive half-timbered houses, the gothic church of St. Martin , a renaissance castle and the famous half-timbered town hall with its cassette ceiling and a ‘moonphase’ clock.

A walk through the picturesque streets will take you to many of the cultural attractions, such as the town museum ‘Kornhaus’, the literary museum in the ‘Max-Eyth-Haus’, the library and the musical school in the ‘Schlössle’. The flyer 'Historical sightseeing walk' leads you to selected places and buildings with stories to tell. Take a peek behind some doors with your smartphone.

The municipal hall offers a wide variety of theatrical and other social events, whereas concerts and other cultural activities usually take place in the castle.

Beyond the gates of the town are two forests: ‘Talwald and ‘Hohes Reisach’. The gliding centre, ‘Hahnweide’, is also a popular attraction. There are countless other leisure facilities: an 18-hole golf course, tennis courts, Squash courts, horse-riding centres, indoor and outdoor swimming pools. A well-established network of cycle paths takes you through the gentle foothills of the Alb.

This aviators’ town is well known for its hospitality with numerous outdoor events, such as the ‘Haft-ond-Hokafescht’, Gallusmarkt, Märzenmarkt, and the Christmas Market.
The Kirchheim ‘Wine Village’, the ‘Golden October Days’, the International Hahnweide Gliding Competition and above all the biennial veteran aeroplane show are just some of the highlights.