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Nehren - Timbered village within the meadows

The beautiful timbered village of Nehren is situated between Tübingen and the "Burg Hohenzollern" at the foot of the Swabian mountains and is surrounded by meadows.

We produce delicious fruit juice, perry, cider and fine spirits. Every two years the "Kirschblütenfest" takes places in the month of April.

The center of Nehren has many well preserved timbered houses and barns and is under monument protection. The gothical church of Saint Veit was first time mentioned in a document within the year 1275. Within the church, over the altar you can find a crucifix of the famous artist Karl Hemmeter.

Nehrens has famous sons. The philosopher Hans Vaihinger was born in 1852 at Nehren. He was mentioned in the "Enzyclopädia Britannica" and founded the Kant-Gesellschaft in Halle on 12.04.1904.

Ernst Immanuel Wulle lived the American Dream: a beggar boy became a succesful brewer - "Wulle"-beer is known by nearly everybody in the South of Germany! He was a business man with a golden heart who never forgot, where he came from.

Come to Nehren, discover the beautiful village and landscape!